GFWC Virginia Calendar

11 GFWC Virginia Pre-Conference Board Meeting, Natural Bridge, VA
12 GFWC Virginia Conference, Natural Bridge, VA
CALL to Conference       Registration PFD      Registration WORD
13 GFWC Virginia LEADS, Natural Bridge, VA
18 The Virginia Clubwoman Article Deadline
24-26 GFWC Board of Directors Meeting, TBD
9 Deadline to Register for the GFWC Virginia State Fair Program
29 GFWC Virginia State Fair Program
2-6 GFWC Virginia State Fair Program
2-5 GFWC Southeastern Regional Conference, Kentucky
16 The Virginia Clubwoman Article Deadline
6 GFWC Holiday Reception, GFWC Headquarters, Washington, DC
15 Dealine for GFWC LEADS Application
25 Club Reporting Deadline, GFWC/GFWC Virginia Dues due
9-10 GFWC Virginia Mid-Winter Executive Board Meeting, Great Wolf Lodge
17 The Virginia Clubwoman Article Deadline
23 Deadline for District Chairman Reports to GFWC Virginia Chairman
MARCH 2018
1 Special Awards Deadline
15 Deadline for State Chairman Reports to GFWC
APRIL 2018
24 Federation Day
MAY 2018
3 GFWC Virginia Executive Board Meeting, Portsmouth Renaissance, Portsmouth, VA
4-6 GFWC Virginia Convention, Portsmouth Renaissance, Portsmouth, VA
JUNE 2018
3 The Virginia Clubwoman Article Deadline
22 GFWC LEADS, St. Louis Union Station Hotel, St. Louis, MO
22 GFWC Pre-Convention, St. Louis Union Station Hotel, St. Louis, MO
TBD GFWC Virginia Pre-Conference Board Meeting
TBD GFWC Virginia Conference

Google Maps to find out how to get to your event or meeting.

Meeting Highlights and Tips

  • Encourage fellow club members to attend.

  • Send in your registration.  Check to see if your club plans to do this as a group.  For GFWC Virginia meetings you can find a form online on the CALENDAR page or in The Virginia Clubwoman.

  • Reserve a hotel room, if necessary.  Mention the event for possible special room rates.

  • Carpool with members in your club and in clubs nearby.

  • Come to the meeting ready to make new friends, gather new ideas for club projects, learn about the organization, and have fun!

  • If you are attending a Convention be sure to bring your Call.

Unity in Diversity

GFWC’s motto is Unity in Diversity. It was first used in a speech given by New York clubwoman Ella Dietz Clymer at a banquet for Sorosis, one of the founding clubs of GFWC, on March 20, 1889. Ella’s words, “unity in diversity,” expressed her hope that the women of Sorosis would “form a lasting union of the women's clubs throughout the United States and possibly throughout the world. We do not feel that sectional differences will separate us; on the contrary, we hope that these very differences will form a bond of sympathy.”