GFWC Virginia Calendar

JUNE 2016
3 The Virginia Clubwoman Article Deadline  The Virginia Clubwoman Editor
TBD Incoming Chairman Training
24 GFWC LEADS Seminar, Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
24-26 GFWC Pre-Convention Meetings, Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
27-29 GFWC Southeastern Region Meeting/Installation, Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
Call to Meeting/Installation
Convention Registration      Hotel Room Reservation
Deadline:  July 22, 2016
June 30-July 1 GFWC Post-Convention (Incoming Officers)
12 GFWC Virginia Pre-Conference Board Meeting
13-14 GFWC Virginia Conference, Skelton Inn & Conference Center, Blacksburg, VA
Registration Form (doc)    Call to Conference
Registration Form (pdf)

Google Maps to find out how to get to your event or meeting.

Meeting Highlights and Tips

  • Encourage fellow club members to attend.

  • Send in your registration.  Check to see if your club plans to do this as a group.  For GFWC Virginia meetings you can find a form online on the CALENDAR page or in The Virginia Clubwoman.

  • Reserve a hotel room, if necessary.  Mention the event for possible special room rates.

  • Carpool with members in your club and in clubs nearby.

  • Come to the meeting ready to make new friends, gather new ideas for club projects, learn about the organization, and have fun!

  • If you are attending a Convention be sure to bring your Call.

Unity in Diversity

GFWC’s motto is Unity in Diversity. It was first used in a speech given by New York clubwoman Ella Dietz Clymer at a banquet for Sorosis, one of the founding clubs of GFWC, on March 20, 1889. Ella’s words, “unity in diversity,” expressed her hope that the women of Sorosis would “form a lasting union of the women's clubs throughout the United States and possibly throughout the world. We do not feel that sectional differences will separate us; on the contrary, we hope that these very differences will form a bond of sympathy.”