Forms and Reporting Tools

Change of Address E-Form for District/State Officers-Chairmen and newsletter subscribers
Arts Contests Rules
Club Membership Grant     PDF    Word DOC    Due January 20
Community Improvement Program Award   Due to District CIPA Chairman by January 25, 2016 and Due to GFWC Virginia CIPA Chairman by March 1, 2016.
Dogwood Society and Endowment Fund Donation Form         Payment Plan
ESO Application      Word Doc     PDF
HOBY Information     HOBY Volunteer Interest Form
GFWC LEADS    Due January 15, 2016
GFWC VA LEADS doc     GFWC VA LEADS pdf   Due January 15, 2016
The Phyllis V. Roberts Scholarship      Word Doc      PDF
The Mary Macon McGuire Scholarship       Word Doc      PDF
Supply List Order Form
State Project Contributions Form      Word Doc      PDF
Women's History and Resource Center Sample Proclamation      Word Doc
Website Contest    Due March 1

REPORTING FORMS:    Pat Riedinger, Chairman      

     GFWC Club Manual  (includes GFWC Project Information)
    GFWC Projects At-A-Glance
     GFWC In-Kind Donation Guide
     Reporting Instructions and Forms for Clubs

     Reporting Instructions and Forms for District Chairmen
     Reporting Instructions and Forms for State Chairmen


     Junior Contributions Form   Due Jan. 25    
     Junior State Project-Camp Easter Seals Virginia   Due Jan. 25    
     Junior Honor Society    PDF   Due Mar. 1    
     Junior Special Awards   Due Mar. 1    
     Junior Club of the Year    Due Mar. 1


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