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GFWC Virginia
Name Tag Holder
   GFWC Virginia Zippered Tote Bag
Meditation Booklet  

Price      $5.00

Price     $12.00 

Price     $8.00

Not Available  
GFWC Virginia
Bar Guard
GFWC Virginia
Flashlight Key Ring
GFWC Virginia
Membership Cards
New GFWC VA Pin is being created.  Not Available at this time. Ink Pens with Stylus Tip
Blue, Green, REd & Black
(Black Ink Only)

Price       $3.00

Price       $3.00

[quantity discount available]

Price      $0.00

Price     $2.00

Select Quantity

Available year 1 of an administration
Available year 2 of an administration  
GFWC Virginia Yearbook

 Price       $10.00
GFWC Virginia Yearbook Supplement
Price       $5.00
Green Insulated Grocery Tote Bag
Price     $5.00
Royal Blue Insulated Grocery Tote Bag
Price     $5.00
Boat Tote Bag
Blue, Green, Red & Black
Price      $10.00