GFWC Dues and Contributions

GFWC and GFWC Virginia:  Due January 25

Dues and Contributions Form (doc)  |  Dues and Contributions Form (pdf) 

Junior Contributions Form (doc)     |   Junior Contributions Form (pdf)

Supplemental Dues Form (doc)      |   Supplemental Dues Form (pdf) 

Submit checks with appropriate forms..
   GFWC Dues: $15.00 per member
   GFWC Virginia Dues: $10.00 per member
   Total Due: $25.00 per member

For Juniorette Clubs: GFWC Dues are $10.00 per member; GFWC Virginia Dues are $2.00 per member; Total Due: $12.00 per member

Supplemental Dues: Due April 15
Payment Instructions

Checks Payable to:    GFWC Virginia

Indicate number of members on your check. Send Checks and Form to:

   GFWC Virginia Headquarters
   P.O. Box 8750
   Richmond, VA 23226